Avocados For Health and Happiness

Delicious avocados beautifully served on dish.

Are you an avocado aficionado? If yes then avocados have a meaning for you. Here is a curated list of 10 must-have items for all avocado lovers to show their love of the mighty avocado to its fullest.

Avocado Bracelet
“Just A Girl Who Loves Avocado” sends a message about the wonderful avocado. This cute avocado bracelet is the perfect gift for the avocado girls you know, even if it’s a special gift for yourself.

Avocado Slicer
“I’m not adept at most kitchen tasks that require peeling or cutting. This slicer is the easiest thing ever. The best thing is no more wasted avocado. I love it, and it’s super cute!” – from a review

Avocado Yoga Travel Mug
“This thermal container is incredible for keeping my coffee hot. I like to sip coffee for a while, not guzzle it. I pour my coffee in this in the morning, and 2-3 hours later it is still fresh and hot. The design is cute, and when you look on the bottom you can see the porcelain- which I like so much better than a metallic bottom that can rust.” – from a review

Stuffed Avocado Soft Hugging Pillow
“I love it! My boyfriend got it for me as a gift. And I’m in love. It’s perfect size for a pillow or even a cuddle buddy. I also love the little legs it has.” – from a review

Avocados Stretch Storage Pods
Keep your avocados fresh and perfectly ripe. Organize and identify avocados easily in a crowded fridge; place cut-side down on pod base, stretch cover over and, slide to close; slide to reopen.

Avocado Oil
“Avocado oil is very healthy and is made of good quality ingredients. The oil has a fine taste and works well with salad steak or anything else. The oil has a high smoke point and therefore is easy to cook steak with as it doesn’t smoke so easily. I will continue using this oil and recommend it highly to those that enjoy cooking with quality ingredients.” – from a review

Frozen Diced Avocados For Smoothies
Enjoy delicious avocado any time of year. DOLE Frozen Diced Avocado Chunks are just as nutritious as fresh fruit. Ideal for energizing smoothies, fresh salads, and homemade guacamole where fresh avocados aren’t available.

Avocado Tree Growing Kit
“Beautiful. They look like little art pieces. I bought them for a gift for someone who loves to grow their fruits and veggies.” – from review

Avocado Coin Purse
More than a boring coin wallet, this large avocado wallet is big enough to be an ID & credit card holder, stash money, headphones, lip balm, gum or be a small toiletry bag.

Avocado Balloon Party Decorations
“The kids love them and made a wonderful theme for a birthday party. After 2 months, the balloons are still around the house.” – from a review

Ready to help yourself to the world of “All Things Avocado”? Don’t miss out on these 10 must-have items that make your avocado day one to remember.


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